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June 2, 2017
Village Retirement Group


Tunstall has long been a driving force behind the healthcare solutions that enable seniors to live active and independent lifestyles. The innovative assistive technology care solutions that Tunstall offers have been embraced by various organisations and care providers across Australia.

One of the places where Tunstall’s connected care solutions have merged seamlessly with an overarching vision of independence for older people is in The Village Retirement Group’s accommodation developments.

A family-owned Australian business with core values that reflect Tunstall’s own, The Village Retirement Group has been going from strength to strength as they work to deliver a superior way of living for retirees. The team at the Village Retirement Group has established itself as a leader in the retirement property development field.

Together, Tunstall and the Village Retirement Group are enhancing the lives of seniors in retirement accommodation.

The Village Retirement Group has blossomed to fill the gap in quality retirement accommodation.

All about the Village Retirement Group

First formed by Michael Harrison after he failed to find satisfactory accommodation options for his mother, The Village Retirement Group has blossomed to fill the gap in quality retirement accommodation.

From the beginning, the goal has been simple – to establish integrated lifestyle villages of the highest quality, where residents are secure, confident and valued within their community.

The Village Retirement Group has worked consistently to make this vision a reality. Retirement accommodation is now in locations such as Yeronga, Coorparoo, Redcliffe, Taigum and Toowoomba.

These developments go beyond providing a place for seniors to live – they offer an attractive lifestyle that incorporates social and well-being activities as well as in-home support and aged care options which enable customers to enjoy a high quality of life.

Each location was carefully chosen to provide a beautiful setting that is convenient for access to shops, healthcare services and public transport. A strong sense of community is at the heart of each village, with first-class facilities enabling a range of social and well-being activities.

Happily, the central vision of the Village Retirement Group has so far proven to be an enormous success. The Village Coorparoo was recently awarded the Best Retirement Living development in the 2017 National Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards. This village has also been recognised with the Seniors Living Award, Medium Density Development Award and the President’s Award by the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

One of the factors behind this success is the approach to aged care within the retirement villages.

Facilities such as heated indoor pools mean Villagers always have something to keep them busy. Facilities such as heated indoor pools mean Villagers always have something to keep them busy.

The Village Retirement Group and aged care

The Village Retirement Group aims to create developments in which people can age in place.

Ultimately, the Village Retirement Group envision the creation of world-class integrated retirement villages where independent living units, assisted living units and aged care are co-located in the same precinct. One of the main aims is to make the transition from independent living to aged care as seamless as possible, so that seniors don’t have to sacrifice the things they love the most.

The Village Retirement Group provide a variety of in-home services to support a healthy, active and independent lifestyle among retirees. This includes assistance in crucial areas such as cleaning, personal care, clinical care and transport. These services are provided exclusively to residents in the Villages and are delivered by trained and dedicated staff. In 2017, The Village Retirement Group registered The Village Care Managers as Commonwealth Government Approved Providers of home, residential, respite and transitional care.

This service was developed in recognition of the fact that residents already know and trust The Village Retirement Group and further support could be offered with the comfort of a familiar face, based on-site in their village, who knows them, their home and their needs.

The Village Retirement Group selected Tunstall’s connected care services to complement their on-site services.

The Village Retirement Group working hand in hand with Tunstall

The approach to aged care and retirement living in the Villages embraces safety so that customers can be confident. Behind the safety measures is Tunstall’s connected healthcare solutions.

The Village Group selected Tunstall’s connected care services to complement their on-site services in order to provide a scalable, locally supported, diverse solution to the 24-hour emergency care needs of their residents. Tunstall’s innovative approach to aged care means that solutions are accessible and functional, supporting retirees in the Villages.

Part of the Village Retirement Group’s fundamental philosophy is enabling people to age independently. Working with the Village Retirement Group, Tunstall has provided the remote health monitoring necessary to support this intention and allow residents to maintain their independence with confidence.

In the latest developments for the Village Retirement Group, residents are able to connect to the vital emergency services via SIM rather than needing to have a home phone. This is both cheaper and provides a level of choice and flexibility for residents, while still providing reliable and important support.

Tunstall’s assistance gives the Villagers a unique peace of mind. The reassurance of knowing that 95 per cent of emergency calls will be responded to within 30 seconds, and that a person will stay on the call until emergency services arrive, is of particular importance to the residents of the Villages and their families.

To make sure the residents are confident that the system works and will be there when they need it, there is monthly testing initiated by the residents where they actually speak to a call centre operator. This also helps residents to be comfortable using the system should the need arise.

The in-home services provided for residents mean there is always a familiar, friendly face available to help them with their needs. The in-home services provided for residents mean there is always a familiar, friendly face available to help them with their needs.

Together with the Village Retirement Group’s retirement accommodation, Tunstall’s healthcare solutions support people with a wide variety of needs so they can live independently and get maximum enjoyment from life.

To find out more about transitioning to retirement at The Village Retirement Group’s developments, visit thevillage.com.au.

For information on Tunstall’s connected care health solutions, reach out to Tunstall’s customer service team on 1800 603 377 or at info@tunstallhealthcare.com.au.

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