OTA National Conference 2017

July 3, 2017
Don't miss the OTA Conference.


Occupational therapists in a variety of sectors are looking forward to the Occupational Therapy Australia biennial National Conference. This year, more than 800 national and international delegates are expected to attend.

Tunstall’s Business Development Manager, Paula Ridsdale, and Corporate Development Manager, Lisa Capamagian, will be attending this year’s conference to exhibit and present Tunstall’s contribution to the occupational therapy field and we’re looking forward to the chance to showcase some of our exciting products.

Here’s an overview of Tunstall’s involvement at this year’s event.

Connected health supporting indigenous care 

Lisa will be discussing the positive results of our indigenous connected pilot on day one of the conference. The project focused on ‘closing the gap’ in health accessibility for remote Indigenous People through the use of remote connected health technology for chronic disease self-management. The pilot trialled connective technology including a touch screen tablet, monitoring software, and vital sign peripherals, through which participants were able to remotely self-monitor their vital signs. We’re pleased to share the project’s success, which indicated that connected health technology would be an effective tool to improve care of older Aboriginal People in rural and remote areas.

Lisa will be speaking at 11.58 a.m. on Day 1 in the Riverside Theatre, so be sure to listen in to learn more about the pilot and the encouraging results.

Posters on display

In addition to our speaking engagement, Lisa and Paula will each be presenting an e-Poster at the event. The e-Posters will be on display for the duration of the conference in the Exhibition Hall and delegates are invited to visit the e-Poster area during breaks, to further discuss Tunstall’s connected health solutions or the pilot project.

Lisa will be covering the use of technology to address connected health needs for culturally and linguistically diverse patients, a topic that is particularly pertinent in a country as varied as Australia. She’ll discuss the development of translation software and how this will play a role in connected health monitoring for people whose first language isn’t English. There are exciting results to report, and future plans around developing a fully translated patient management system for a program based in Asia, so this e-Poster is sure to start many conversations.

Paula’s e-poster will assist OT’s in prescribing the right assistive technology to clients. Delegates will be able to learn more about the steps to identify and prescribe the right assistive technology as well as Tunstall’s product solutions to aid clients to live more independently in their home.

Products to be showcased this year

At Tunstall’s exhibition booth, Lisa and Paula will be demonstrating a range of connected health and connected care solutions that are making a difference within the occupational therapy field, including:

  • Smart Hub 3G Alarm, Tunstall’s first 3G medical alarm with digital technology, supported by Tunstall’s 24/7 monitoring service.
  • Find-me Tunstall Carers Watch, a GPS-enabled, wearable personal response system which connects to our 24-hour monitoring centre.
  • myMobile app, which allows patients to complete health interviews, view their individualised monitoring plan, and review vital signs.
  • myCareTrack app, a smartphone application that offers safety and security for people who are working alone, or feel vulnerable in the community.
  • Integrated Care Platform (ICP) connected health solutions, helping people manage their health at home.
  • Falls Management care solutions which include automatic fall detectors, mobile solutions, and our 24/7 monitoring service.

Come and visit Tunstall at stand 58 and follow along on social media by searching for posts tagged with #otaus2017 and @otaust. We hope to see you there!

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