Linrose Village switches to Tunstall emergency monitoring

April 18, 2016
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General Manager of Archer, Graeme Mitchell selected Tunstall to upgrade Linrose Village’s connected care and 24/7 monitoring service, in order to provide more advanced and reliable technology for village residents.

About Archer and Linrose Village

Archer offers a range of boutique lifestyle villages and homes in Christchurch. It is locally owned, with charitable status, and has served the community for over 60 years. The Archer Care Homes support the Eden Alternative model of care – a resident-centred approach to care support – with residents contributing to the daily running of their home.

Archer’s Linrose Village is an independent-living, lifestyle retirement village located in Linwood, Christchurch. The village boasts 30 licenced residences, each complete with two bedrooms and an adjoining garage. The village also includes a Community Centre for resident events.

Switching to Tunstall

Graeme Mitchell, General Manager of Archer, said it was an easy decision to make the switch to Tunstall from their previous alarm service provider.

“We were looking to upgrade our emergency monitoring service in the village without increasing costs for residents,” said Mr Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell advised that the decision to switch to Tunstall was influenced by three key factors. Archer was particularly impressed with Tunstall’s customer service and the personalised attention received during the negotiation stage and implementation. Tunstall’s technology is much more advanced than Linrose Village’s previous alarm and monitoring service. And thirdly, Tunstall’s competitive pricing was extremely attractive.

The Tunstall difference

Tunstall’s advanced technology and leading service provided Linrose Village with the upgraded connected care solution they required, with Mr Mitchell expressing his pleasure in switching to Tunstall.

The Tunstall emergency
call system is simple for our residents to manage and the incident and emergency
reports from the monitoring centre keep our village staff informed.

“Our new medical alarms have greater coverage than our previous equipment, which is reassuring for our residents to know that help will be accessible, even out in the garden,” said Mr Mitchell.

“The new emergency call system is simple for our residents to manage and the incident and emergency reports from the monitoring centre keep our village staff informed.

“Another key benefit of the Tunstall system is that it’s monitored 24/7 locally in Tauranga, with a call continuity procedure for disaster recovery to Australia, reassuring our residents that help will always be available at the press of a button.”

General Manager at Tunstall New Zealand, Stephen Murray, said he was pleased to provide residents with an upgraded emergency alarm solution they could rely on.

“We worked closely with Archer to provide a dependable solution and ensure a smooth transition for residents,” said Mr Murray.

Mr Mitchell also expressed his appreciation for Tunstall’s customer service, particularly throughout the transition period to minimise the impact on residents.

“I was very impressed with Tunstall’s commitment to customer service,” said Mr Mitchell.

“The team went above and beyond, attending resident meetings to answer questions and ensure that they felt confident in the Tunstall service.

“Residents have told me that they enjoy the engagement of the Tunstall support team, who are always helpful, welcoming and friendly,” he said.

Tunstall’s commitment to client safety

Residents have told me that they enjoy the engagement of the Tunstall support team, who are always helpful, welcoming and friendly.

The week after Linrose Village switched their connected care service to Tunstall there was a severe magnitude 5.3 earthquake that hit Christchurch. Village residents and staff were thankful that Tunstall care consultants contacted village residents to check on their safety.

Mr Mitchell was most grateful for Tunstall’s commitment to ensuring clients’ safety.

“Residents really appreciated that Tunstall contacted everyone at Linrose to make sure they were okay.

“Both residents and staff were impressed with Tunstall’s pro-activeness in making sure that the well-being of our residents was cared for,” he said.

What’s in store for the future?

Having successfully implemented the Tunstall service at Linrose Village, Mr Mitchell stated that Archer’s engagement with Tunstall had been extremely positive.

“We are already underway with implementing the Tunstall service in another one of our villages because of the positive experience we have received from the Linrose rollout,” said Mr Mitchell.

Archer will now implement Tunstall alarms and emergency monitoring service at their Thorrington Village site.

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