Are the future of healthcare and wearable tech inextricably linked?

February 15, 2019
The future of healthcare and wearable technology.

Wearable healthcare technology means that clients and medical professionals are now working with the next generation of products in tracking and managing health, wellbeing and safety.

Advanced products are able to monitor current health conditions, detect changes in body temperature and other conditions in real-time, as well as provide an ongoing record for analysis. For clients who need to be monitored but are unable to visit a medical centre regularly, this could revolutionise the future of both diagnosis and treatment. In fact, PWC estimate there will be 411 million wearable units related to healthcare in use by 2020 – signalling huge potential in the way we care for those who need regular medical attention.

Wearable devices provide a lifeline for those who need the security of being able to contact someone for help.

However, wearable devices also provide a lifeline for those without specific medical conditions, but who need the security of being able to contact someone for help. People at risk of a fall, for example, benefit from being able to raise the alarm without having to get up and move to a static device.

Similarly, as a monitoring system, wearable technology provides an accurate way of measuring movement, able to detect a situation such as a fall and automatically raise the alarm.

Why the future of elderly healthcare in the home is wearable technology

For many caregivers, one of the most important considerations in choosing monitoring and support devices is that those they care for remain free to continue the lives they’re used to. Wearable technology means care is extended beyond the home environment, giving your loved ones the confidence to continue enjoying their hobbies and interests. It allows freedom of movement, with peace of mind that your loved ones can access help if they need to.

New designs are discreet, alleviating any embarrassment, or the need to explain. No matter the activities the wearer wants to enjoy, modern devices are small enough to go unnoticed whether at a fitness class or working around the home. Often fitted with long-lasting batteries, you can rest assured your device will be working round the clock, with charging only required now and then.

With designs ranging from necklaces and watches to belts and eyeglasses, wearables can fit in with any lifestyle.

Wearable healthcare technology allowing people to continue enjoying their hobbies.Wearable healthcare technology allows your loved ones to continue enjoying their hobbies and interests.

What are the benefits of wearable technology in home monitoring?

Tracking movement

GPS and tracking technology mean that it’s possible to know where your loved ones are at any time. You no longer need to feel concerned when they leave the home, as you can check that they’re somewhere familiar or make sure they’re on their way when you expect them to be. Should the wearer move outside of a predefined zone, an alert can be sent to a smartphone or similar device.

Health is checked and recorded in real-time, so the alarm can be raised automatically should something change.

Checking vital health signs

It’s not just the physical location of wearers that can be monitored with wearable technology. Their health is checked and recorded in real-time, so the alarm can be raised automatically should something change. Indicators such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure can be measured, and an alarm triggered according to predefined upper and lower parameters. These types of devices can also be purchased to monitor specific conditions, such as asthma and check for symptoms specific to the condition.

Always within reach

When your relative is living alone, or in another situation where they may need to call for help, a wearable device can make it much easier for them to do so. In an emergency, it’s not always possible for your loved one to reach a device that raises the alarm for them. Knowing that they need only reach their watch or necklace not only gives them the confidence to know they can summon help immediately, but also makes it possible in situations where they’re unable to move far.

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