Making caring easy with telehealth and telecare

March 30, 2015
Warren Duce

Telehealth and telecare services are not just beneficial for clients and health professionals – they can also provide vital assistance to carers.

Around 2.7 million people in Australia act as informal carers for people suffering from health conditions and disabilities, along with elderly family members and friends. This is according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which also reports 40 per cent of carers spend approximately 40 hours a week or more providing care.

With so many people in the nation acting in this capacity, it’s important that carers have the necessary tools and support on hand to help both them and those they are looking after. Our range of solutions for carers provides just that.

ConnectMe medical alarm

This alarm provides freedom and security to patients and carers alike. Clients equipped with this technically advanced, simple-to-use alarm in the home can make quick contact with our 24 hour emergency response centre, which organises appropriate assistance if required. This means patients can remain living independently in their homes while still having immediate access to care if it’s required. The alarm can be triggered simply by the push of a button.

ConnectMe gives peace of mind to carers who do not live on site or are unable to provide around-the-clock assistance.

Property exit sensor

Tunstall’s property exit sensor monitors if a resident living with dementia leaves their home at unusual times of day or night. If the resident leaves the home and does not return within the pre-set time, an alert will be activated. Additionally, if the monitored door is left open, even if the resident has returned home, the response centre, onsite carer or manager will be notified. The property exit sensor can also be linked to external lighting to provide greater protection.

Note: This product is adapted for the Asia Pacific region to suit local telecommunications requirements, local voltages, and transmits at 312MHz.

– Warren Duce, Telehealthcare Consultant

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